Children and Goodbyes


Update November 28th 2014:Willow Tree
We got Kira back in a little box and they made a paw print for us. To remember her, we gave ourself this beautiful statue of Willow Tree. The statue not only symbolizes Kira but also the angels that came and went.

Today we had to say goodbye to our precious dog Kira, a red & white Irish Setter. In early July she was diagnosed with nose cancer and we were told we would only have 1-3 more months left with her. Today, after 4 months we had to let her go. Yesterday she had this unbelievable heavy noose bleed. The bleeding was extremely and it took a long time to stop. We decided to see how today would be, hoping she would be a little better and happy. But she wasn’t.


After deciding it was time, it was 6.00am, we woke up all the kids and asked if they wanted to come to the vet. Around 7.00am we were all ready.

With our other dogs we always saw a lift in spirit at the end, but not with Kira. I truly think she was done. If we didn’t help her, she would go on, for us. For us that felt selfish.

At the vet, some of the children petted her, some talk to her. She got an IV for the medication, so the doctor didn’t have to give her multiple shots.

It felt so strange, so surreal.

Maximan wasn’t sad at all. He believes that although Kira her body was dying, she would still be with us. Miniman started petting her and so did Midiman and Maxigirl (we have a houseguest).

I do think it is important to give the children the opportunity to say goodbye and to explain what the doctor is doing. And that, when everything is over, Kira is not coming home with us. For me, the last part was the surreal part. To leave our dog behind that we had cared for, for over ten years. With our other dog, we didn’t leave her, we took her home. It just felt wrong to leave her there. In a week we get a call and we can pick up her ashes. Hopefully, we can bury her ashes next to our other dog Kelly.

Tonight Maximan said that Kira is still here and that we don’t have to be sad. He did remind us to feed her and than decided he would do it himself.

Midiman keeps repeating: Kira doctor.

Thank you Kira, for all the joy, happiness and wonderful times. We already miss you.