Children as Mirrors

Maybe you recognize this. You are stressed and your kids are starting acting out. You don’t have the energy to cope with their behavior. You just can’t deal with it, you try to explain, but it just makes everything worse. Like those little people know that you can’t deal with anything else right now. And just these moments, these annoying moments where you would like to scream and you probably are, those are the moments that your children are more than ever your teachers. With their behavior they are telling you something. You are stressed out and think they are annoying, they are jumping around and you would like them to sit still and relax. To say it just plainly, maybe they are telling you that you need a breather and need to relax a little and if you relax, they will start to relax too.

Anyway, easier said than done.

My Midiman is my biggest mirror. He is me when I was little. He can be that person who pushes my buttons. And although most of the time I do have a lot of patience, with him it is different. And actually it is sad, for both of us, it means I have less patience for him ànd for me. Therefore I watch him closely. I realize he needs a bit more and therefore he is pushing my buttons. He isn’t doing it to annoy me, he is doing it to help me, to teach me. And I do not like it at all.