Free Range Children

Something another mom posted on Facebook today after seeing Miniman explore the playground.

I witnessed an awesome display of free range parenting and loving community today at the park. There was a little guy cruising around the playground exploring. His mom wasn’t hovering over him or telling him what he needed to do, and there were tons of moms and kids around so nobody knew who he went with exactly, and GUESS WHAT? Nobody freaked out, nobody called the police, nobody put out an APB, or started to scream and gnash teeth (one grandma started to gnash teeth but we calmed her down lol) a few other moms and grandmas put him on the swings and everyone played together and helped with each other’s kids, even if they didn’t know the other mom or the kid. It was beautiful! True community. I love that his mom let him explore with her eyes on him from a distance, and I love that this community LET HER LET HIM explore. 

For us it is natural that kids can walk around and explore. With all the news nowadays it is more difficult to give your children the freedom to explore. It is not only people who want to harm your children you have to be careful of, but also for parents who mean well and feel protective of other peoples children.

We always keep an eye on our children and are there in a heartbeat when something might happen. But in the meantime, I believe children should be able to explore the world. To explore the playground and climb those stairs or trees.

When I was a little girl I remember how angry my mom would get. Not because she was really angry with me, but how scared she was because she didn’t know where I was. And I think, I turned out pretty okay.

I am happy that this community embraces the free exploring of children. Without moms and/or dads constantly hovering over their children. For me that feels like a happy place where kids are free to explore, free to learn.