Home Education not only for the Children


Since we started our home education journey almost four years ago, I realized something. Although our children (5, 2 & 0) are learning, something that apparently comes naturally, we as parents are growing too. We are learning too. There is this saying: you are never too old to learn. I don’t know if it is a Dutch saying. Because it sounds a bit funny to me writing it down. Anyway, it is true.

Being in this process of home education and unschooling, keeping an eye on your children’s learning abilities, their interests, different types of learning, child-led learning, life learning, project based learning. All these things also makes you reflect on yourself. What type of person are you. What are your own interests, what makes you tick. Because how can you really be passionate when you forgot where your own passions lie. How can you ask your children to follow their path, when you lost your own.


You are never too old to learn


I remember when I was still in the workforce, well I can even go back a little further… I remember when I was still in high school I had this dream about my future about creating a place for kids and teens where they could be. Just be. Preferably in a warmer (better) climate. A place where they were able to be free of everything that was expected of them and could figure everything out by themselves. I would be there to facilitate, to coach. They could learn anything. I think I was 13 when I first had that idea. I’d never heard about unschooling or hunter/gatherers society before. And now I am living this dream.

I am still working on shaping this dream. But one of the things I have learned is that you can ALWAYS dream. But to live your dream, asks for you to take your dream by the hands and put it into action. Not only dream but do as well!

In 2010 I lost my job due to circumstances. It was one of those big presents in disguise and it was up to me how I would deal with it. I could dig a hole, cry and sit in it. Or seize the opportunity and go for my dream. In the meantime I was interviewing for a new job and at the end of every interview I got a job offer. Wow! I must be doing something good, however I also realized I didn’t want to continue with what I was doing. I did want to seize that opportunity that had presented itself and follow my dream. I spoke to a dear friend of mine, Lisa Portengen, who is such an inspiring person. If you ever have the possibility to see or talk to her, I would say: “go for it!”. After talking to her I saw things more clearly. I felt empowered. Luckily Dad supported me fully. He literally said: “Why don’t you start your dream with Maximan?”.

To live your dream: take your dream by the hands and put it into action.

The fun part is that home education isn’t something that started with us, the parents. Maximan decided he had enough of daycare when he was 2 and had been asking when he could go to Mommy School. Now I have to tell you something about Maximan. This little boy spoke full sentences when he was 1. He is one smart kid. When he was born he had this vibe around him like a buddha.
It took us a couple of months to start getting used to the idea of home education. And than when I lost my job everything fell into place. Isn’t it interesting how life works out?


Now, almost four years later, we are living somewhere where there is overall a better climate. We are unschooling our three boys, providing them a place where they can be and our door is always open for other children and teens. There is one girl (16) who comes and goes, but she knows she is always welcome.

I am living my dream and I hope that my boys and others will be inspired to make sure they will live their dream.

You and you alone are responsible for your own life. ❤️