Respect for All the Single Moms

I wonder, how do they do it. There is a saying that you don’t know how someone else’s life is until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

This week I’m home alone with my three boys and our dog and I must admit. It is tough. It is fun too and rewarding but I’m so so tired. There is hardly a moment in the day I can sit down and just breathe. The cons of homeschooling your kids. There is always someone (kids or dog) wanting something. And when you finally fall asleep, someone wakes up.


I know there are lots of moms with newborns who hardly sleep because of having to feed the little one. Or maybe the little one just doesn’t sleep. Friends of ours have had that challenge until their little one turned two.
But oh my, I am not built for three hours of sleep per night. I need at least eight and I need to take a nap around noon too. Needless to say I miss my husband.

My sweet loving perfect husband. He is not the type you call an extra child. Like some husbands are. No. He is a man! He really takes care of us. Of all of us. He feeds the baby in the middle of the night, he walks the dog, he does the groceries, he cooks and he has a fulltime job (too).

I already had a respect for the strong women who raise their child all by themselves and have those sweet, well-behaved children. But after a week walking in those shoes, my respect has grown even more.

So this is a tribute to all the single moms out there. You rock!